Blanking with automated stacking

Departments - Production tools

March 1, 2018

Available for single- or dual-station coil-fed laser blanking systems, end-of-line robotic stackers are side-by-side capable and can reach 120 strokes-per-minute (spm). The stackers can be programmed to handle rectangular, trapezoid, patterned, contoured, or irregular shapes in aluminum and steel.

Automated stacking can improve blank quality by preventing marring of the surface finish and contaminants that can be introduced via manual operations. Automated vision technology supports accurate stacking without tamping or touching blank edges.

LaserCoil Technologies LLC

Electrical testing, module programming

The DataLogiq3 (DL3) portable integrated computing device for electrical testing and module programming for end of line testing in vehicle assembly plants hooks to the steering wheel of a vehicle as it passes through the assembly line.

The battery-free unit can flash vehicle modules, eliminating the need to pre-flash each one. An integrated controller area network (CAN) monitor analyzes electronic control unit (ECU) message link traffic. The DL3 also features location self-awareness, based on beacons technology, to auto start tests when the device is in station and to auto power down to sleep mode after completing testing.

Mahle Service Solutions