Novelis launches structural aluminum line

Novelis launches structural aluminum line

Advanz 7000 line could underpin frames, safety cages in future vehicles.

August 11, 2015

Atlanta, Georgia – Aluminum producer Novelis has announced the development of the Novelis Advanz 7000-series of high-strength alloys designed for safety-critical components of vehicle structures.

Two-to-three times stronger than any automotive aluminum used in high volumes today, Novelis Advanz 7000-series products can be used to manufacture components such as bumper systems, crash ring components, and door intrusion beams. The new alloy series will offer a significant weight reduction when compared to current high strength steels in the marketplace, enabling automakers to further reduce the weight of vehicles while ensuring high levels of passenger safety.

"As more automakers look to reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel economy, high-strength aluminum alloys are playing an increasingly critical role in vehicle design," says Jack Clark, senior vice president and chief technical officer for Novelis. "Novelis' Advanz 7000-series will drive the industry forward by offering automakers additional weight savings with superior strength for optimal safety performance."

The Novelis Advanz 7000-series expands the Novelis family of aluminum alloys offering automakers a unique array of products designed to address customer requirements for strength, formability, and styling. Customer testing of the first Novelis Advanz 7000-series alloys is currently underway with a number of global automakers.

"The development of Novelis Advanz 7000-series high-strength alloys is the latest step in our strategy to expand our automotive offerings around the world," says Todd Summe, vice president, global research and development for Novelis. "Our Novelis Advanz 7000-series alloys will be used to produce automotive sheet at Novelis facilities on all three of the world's major automobile producing regions – Asia, Europe, and North America – offering a unique supply chain advantage to our global customers."

Source: Novelis Inc.