Automation Roundtable reminder: one week away

Automation Roundtable reminder: one week away

How can advanced technologies help your company achieve resiliency? Find out during this FREE online event.


As the industry continues to navigate through pandemic-related change, there is a big push to reduce complexity and accelerate production. To do so, advancing automation technologies will be key. With these system in place – robotics, Industry 4.0 technologies, digitalization, and machine vision – manufacturers will be able to keep their employees safe, gain more real-time visibility into operations, and meet increasing demand.

Discover the tools and technologies available for your company and attend the online event, Automation Roundtable: Improving safety, visibility and accelerating production for 2021 and beyond. The webinar will begin at noon on February 25, 2021. 

Learn why now is the time to implement automation and AI and why it’s necessary for resilient operations.

Attendees will be joined by our panel of experts from Makino, Methods Machine Tools, NB Corporation of America, Plex Systems, RootStock, and Schunk.

Topics will include:

  • Automation’s critical role for future-proofing operations
  • How digitalization can help you drive flexibility, productivity and improve decision-making
  • Using digital tools to address safety requirements
  • Identifying solutions to connect your business and achieve resiliency
  • Best practices for adopting new technologies

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