5-axis gantry mill

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October 16, 2017

Designed to support fast output for prototype and tool and mold makers, the FZU 5-axis gantry milling machine is compact, has a thermo-symmetrical design, and offers high accuracy. It can machine aluminum, plastics, and casting resins such as Ureol.

The milling spindle, guides, and other accuracy-determining components either compensate for heat or have space to expand in non-critical directions. The mill’s steel-welded base frame forms a continuous U-shape. The machine gantry’s centrally guided Z-slide has an octagonal section instead of a rectangular one, enhancing stability.

The VH10 milling head, produced in house, has minimal interference contours. With two side cheeks, clamping force is doubled. The 34kW spindle with a 24,000rpm max. speed is standard.

The door is divided asymmetrically – a small door leads into the machining area while the larger door is used for loading. A cabinet has been installed directly in front of the FZU for accessories and service tools. The gantry mill features the NXP 24" multitouch controller.

Zimmermann Inc.


Laser-hole perforation technology

The SmartPerf application tool programs and laser drills simple-to-complex patterns of holes in linear and cylindrical paths in 2D and 3D parts. SmartPerf ensures higher quality holes in terms of metallurgy and geometry, reducing cycle time for on-the-fly laser drilling by eliminating the need for acceleration and deceleration at each hole location.

Designed for percussion drilling small diameter (0.2mm to 0.6mm) holes, Nd:YAG and fiber laser systems can drill at steep angles and in difficult-to-machine materials. Thousands of holes can be produced quickly on a 3D surface in a single setup, as can complex patterns involving non-uniform hole spacing and varying hole sizes.

Common applications involve drilling a pattern around a pre-existing machined feature and creating custom spray patterns based on an array of non-uniformly spaced, sized, and shaped holes.

SmartPerf reduces heat input to the workpiece, important when laser drilling thermal barrier and other coated high-temperature alloy metals. The system reduces debris, heat, and part distortion.

Prima Power Laserdyne www.primapowerlaserdyne.com

PCD drill

Designed for burr-free, delaminiation-free machining of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and aluminum, PS-plus polycrystalline diamond (PCD) drills offer a 2.5mm to 12mm diameter range and can reduce cutting times up to 75%.

Eliminating pre-drilling, drilling pilot holes, and reaming removes machining steps and speeds drill time while producing burr-free results up to h6. Chip removal can be provided with minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), and drills with 5mm and larger diameters include internal cooling.

In addition to CFRP performance, PS-plus drills are suited to serial production for aluminum and die-cast housing components; extruded or drawn parts; aluminum turning parts; and general pinhole, thread, and core-drilling from 2.5mm to 12mm.

Lach Diamond