Roughing, finishing inserts

Roughing, finishing inserts

August 11, 2017

Walter USA

Waukesha, Wisconsion – FM5 finishing and RM5 roughing indexable insert geometries deliver optimal cooling, longer tool life, and increased productivity in high-temperature alloy and stainless-steel machining. The inserts owe their superior effectiveness, in part, to jet-guiding geometry, or targeted cooling.

Special channels pressed in the rake face allow coolant to reach cutting edge directly, underneath the chip. Targeted cooling maximizes the cooling effect, increases tool life, and optimizes chip breaking.

The indexable inserts feature Walter's Tiger·tec Silver coating with PVD Al2O3 heat shield. Three grades feature PVD Al2O3 (WSM10S, WSM20S, WSM30S) and one features CVD (WMP20S).

The design of the cutting edges features double positive macro-geometry to reduce notch formation and crater wear.