Shop floor software & hardware

Shop floor software & hardware

September 23, 2016

Shop Floor Automations
Automation Cloud/Apps/IoT

La Mesa, California – Shop Floor Automations (SFA) offers software updates and a new hardware solution.

A reseller of Predator Software since 1998, offers the incredibly versatile Touch HMI. Version 11 of Predator Software, with solutions from this brand for machine monitoring, DNC communication, CNC program editing, document control, and tool management, will soon be available with an IMTS sneak peek.

Looking to replace bar code readers, hand-held terminals, or proprietary hardware on the shop floor? Want simplified data collection to see why your machines are down, and be able to access this information via a tablet, PC, or even via the CNC Controller? Need buttons to transfer NC programs, or launch the part drawing on the shop floor for the operator? Predator Touch HMI is changing the need to invest in hardware and provides shop floor operators an easy way to interact with management and the Predator Software line. From custom color-coding options to setting up specific layouts, prompts, and launching of third party applications, SFA will integrate the solution for the end user as desired without a large investment.

Also in the realm of software updates, DataXchange Machine Monitoring from Scytec will be experiencing changes that SFA will be speaking to tradeshow attendees about. New OEE charts, views from their real time dashboard, multiple part time analysis reports, a shop floor layout view in the dashboard, and various equipment status comparison charts that analyze equipment utilization across a span of different days are all new features. Scytec pricing now includes a greater quantity discount for machine monitoring when adding machines with MTConnect, Fanuc Focas, and legacy machine tools.

The newly branded SFA Connect Series of products includes the USB Connect, Floppy Connect, LAN Connect, Ethernet Connect, and more. All Connect products help machine shops enhance and empower themselves with automation tools that make operations more efficient and effective. The new piece of the Connect Series, the Multi Connect, was developed in partnership with Moxa and will be available from SFA in Q4.

Source: SFA