OFC2 Absolute laser precision measurement system

OFC2 Absolute laser precision measurement system

May 17, 2016

Laserdyne Systems

Lasers Quality/Metrology

Champlin, Minnesota – The OFC2 Absolute precision measurement for laser processing provides 2.5µm absolute measurement resolution.

Based on laser distance measurement technology, it is complementary to the patented OFC Optical Focus Control that has been supplied on Laserdyne systems since 2002 for relative measurement of metal and non-metal surfaces.

Providing an order of magnitude greater precision compared to the original OFC, it has a longer working range (more than 100mm) independent of processing lens focal length.

Designed to map the surface of thermal barrier coated (TBC) sheet metal components and to maintain the laser beam focus at the precise location of a laser drilled hole, it also can process 3D non-metallics, composites, and thermal barrier (ceramic) coated metals.

A long working range allows location of reference features (edges, corners, holes) using a more generous stand-off between the laser processing head and the workpiece. A greater stand-off means less possibility of a collision between the laser processing head and workpiece that can interrupt the process.

Measurement is made using a low power laser that is coaxial with the beam path of the processing laser.

Source: Prima Power Laserdyne