LinPerf laser pattern software feature

LinPerf laser pattern software feature

January 24, 2017

PRIMA North America - Laserdyne Systems Division

Champlin, Minnesota – LinPerf, short for linear perforation, is a new feature of the Laserdyne S94P software. It provides an easy way to create programs that produce linear patterns of laser processed features on flat surfaces. The flat surfaces may be oriented in any plane accessible by the laser beam based on the number of axes and configuration of a Laserdyne laser processing system.

LinPerf is designed to take the hard work out of creating patterns with a laser system. Users provide information about the pattern such as hole spacing, orientation of the pattern, number of passes required to produce the holes, laser conditions, type of assist gas, and hole diameter or feature shape in the S94P graphical interface.

The S94P dialog box also displays calculated parameters including linear speed, hole elongation, and an estimate of run time for PosiPulse and MultiPulse modes. Calculated parameters are automatically updated when any inputs are changed. For example, linear axis speed is updated whenever the hole spacing or laser pulse frequency are changed.

An important feature of LinPerf is the ability to create programs for multiple, complex patterns drilled within a single row. The complex patterns are created by first defining simple, basic patterns and then combining the basic patterns in various ways to form complex patterns.

Source: Prima Power Laserdyne