Torque control system

Torque control system

September 5, 2017

Assembly Automation

Mountz has introduced a new DC torque control system to its assembly power tool product offering. The MD-Series is a durable torque and automation control system engineered for precise, accurate, and repeatable torque control. The high-performance fastening system allows manufacturers to optimize the assembly area, reduce labor costs, enhance quality, and increase productivity.

Mountz torque control system provides repeatability, traceability, and an error-proofing process. The MD-Series tool allows for easy integration into an existing assembly line and flexibility for rapid reconfiguration when implementing new manufacturing projects. A Windows-based software package that can customize each fastening application is included with the product.

The DC torque control system includes a built-in screw counter, which prevents screw-fastening errors and detects cross threading, omissions, unfinished rundowns and cycle in-completes. The goal of the screw counting process is to ensure that all fasteners are accounted for during the assembly process. Further a fastening error is identified on the assembly line, the more it costs in rework time and expenses.