4-axis servo controller

4-axis servo controller

July 10, 2017


Motion control

The MOTI-1100 Series controller incorporates an efficient PWM motor driver that can drive motors with less than 1mH of inductance without overheating the motor. It uses a 64-bit DSP processor with FPGA technology for required extensive calculations.

This compact, plug-and-play multi-axis servo motion controller is supplied with power supplies, servo motor drivers, USB cable, and free control panel software. The software allows for quick set-up and operation.

It can be controlled using a Micro-Controller, PLC, and PC using a popular programming language such as C/C++, Visual Basic, LabVIEW, or Matlab.

This controller series can support up to four axes of motion. Modes of motion include coordinated motion, point-to-point positioning, and jogging.