Additive manufacturing vertical machining center

Additive manufacturing vertical machining center

January 23, 2017

Mazak Corp.
3D/Additive/Alternative Machining

Florence, Kentucky – A member of Mazak’s additive machine family, the VARIAXIS j-600AM (Additive Manufacturing) Vertical Machining Center features a Wire Arc-type metal deposition system. The technology takes the additive process to new speeds, allowing shops to quickly and easily grow part features, then employ the machine’s advanced 5-axis multi-surface subtractive capabilities to produce high-precision parts complete in single setups.

The VARIAXIS j-600AM’s Wire Arc system incorporates a standard wire arc-welding head mounted on the machine’s headstock to deposit material layer by layer and grow near-net-shape 3D forms. The system deposits material faster because it uses wire instead of metal power.

Machines capable of both additive and subtractive operations offer many advantages. Such machines cut production time and conserve expensive raw materials typically machined away when parts are completely produced using only subtractive operations. Plus, they reduce the number of machines required in a facility and save floor space.

The VARIAXIS j-600AM also features a 12,000rpm B-axis tilt spindle and C-axis indexing table. The machine is suited for applications including production and repair of aerospace parts, molds and dies, and oil-drilling components so that these parts retain their original durability and wear resistant properties.

Source: Mazak Corp.