Electronic gauge amplifier

Electronic gauge amplifier

June 14, 2017

Marposs Corp


Marposs Corp.’s P1dME electronic gauge amplifier for smooth part monitoring of grinding applications is intended for connecting to Marposs measuring heads, represents an economical, compact, and reliable solution for in-process ID/OD workpiece monitoring on grinding machines.

With this solution the part is continuously measured during the grinding process, assuring that part production is within tolerance and the machining cycle optimized based on the amount of stock being removed.

The flat and compact P1dME gauge amplifier can be easily installed inside the operator panel of any grinding machine or set up as a stand-alone unit. It features a 4.3". touchscreen with an intuitive, easy-to-use operator interface. Its robust housing is designed to withstand harsh shop floor environments and resist abrasive grit, metallic particles, and cutting fluids.

Depending upon the chosen measuring head, the P1dME has a measuring range of ±250µm, ±500µm, or ±1,000µm. Marposs in-process applications are designed so that they are not affected by varying machine conditions (temperature variations, cold start-up, vibrations, etc.)