MarOpto MT 100

MarOpto MT 100

September 29, 2017


Providence, Rhode Island – Mahr Inc.  is excited to introduce the MarOpto MT 100, the first in a new series of Fizeau interferometer towers for measuring optics directly in production.

Fizeau interferometers from Mahr Inc. are supported by the company's proprietary Intelliwave software to allow easy measurement of both radius and form deviations. A measurement wizard guides the user through the steps to complete the measurement.

MarOpto MT 100 is suited to precision optics production up to 4" diameter. Spheres and flats can be measured with lambda/20 accuracy and the Z axis covers 800mm at a resolution of 0.5µm for precision determination of the radius in the optic under test.

Other MarOpto measuring tower models will cover a large range, measuring areas from 1/2" (small table-top tower) to 12" (CNC stitching tower). Vertical tower solutions offer easy handling of lenses and quick measurement. They include internal vibration damping and utilize only a small footprint. Besides tests of form deviation, towers with scales can measure radii with high accuracy as well. Motorized axes allow easy and fast operation, and options are available for automation, as well as dedicated analysis.

Spheres, aspheres, and flats can be measured. Towers can also be upgraded with a second stage for CGH (computer generated hologram) holders or XY tilting tables. Comprehensive accessories, including a large number of Fizeau lenses, objective lens extensions, objective lens protection, different lens holders, and CGHs enable application driven configurations for each particular measuring tower. In addition, some models offer special housings to provide dedicated protection against environmental influences in the production area.