Side lock chucks

Side lock chucks

October 4, 2017


The new side lock chuck from MAPAL provides strong clamping, simple handling and improved run-out. The locating bore is accurate down to the single-digit µm range, meaning that it is manufactured with greater precision compared to previous versions. This reduces the radial clearance of the clamped tool and improves the run-out. In addition, to compensate for the large tolerance on the lateral clamping surface, MAPAL uses a patented spring element in the tool holder, which makes it possible to achieve a well-defined, form fit between chuck and tool. Also, cooling ducts in the clamping area, parallel to the axis, ensure better coolant distribution.

A two-piece clamping element is used to make handling much easier. This allows the tightening torque to be reduced, while maintaining the same level of clamping force. As a result, the tool can reliably be clamped by hand, without using a torque wrench.  

New side lock chucks for cylindrical shanks are available with clamping diameters of 12 to 32mm for HSK-A100 and HSK-A63.