Vertical machining centers

Vertical machining centers

July 14, 2017

Tooling/Cutting Turning/Milling

The next-generation PS65 and PS105 vertical machining centers (VMCs) feature enhanced design characteristics and next-generation technologies that expand upon the capabilities of their predecessors. The PS65 and PS105 offer a blend of power, accuracy, speed, and reliability.

The new PS105 has expanded upon the PS95 providing a larger work table, a 14% increase in X-axis travel, and overall work volume, providing additional work space for more parts or larger parts as needed. Increased rapid traverse rates on both machines provides further reduction in part processing times, improving productivity and reducing costs. The machines are production ready, touting a list of standard features including an integrated lift-up, scraper-drum chip conveyor (LUCC) and 3.0 Mpa (435 psi) through-spindle coolant system complete with cyclonic filtration.

From the base casting to the spindle, rigid design characteristics have been incorporated within a variety of machine elements of the PS65 and PS105. Core-cooled ball screws maintain critical motion component temperatures by combating heat for improved axial motion, accuracy and extended reliability. By delivering this thermally controlled lubrication oil through the ball screw and support bearing, component life span and accuracy are extended.

Equipped with a standard 14,000-rpm, CAT #40 spindle (HSK-63A optional), the PS65 and PS105 provide the power, torque, and RPM capability to support today’s cutter technologies. A stiff, rigid, balanced spindle design eliminate spindles deflection, resulting in a stable cutting process that is capable of delivering both great metal removal rates and producing high-quality machined surfaces.

Tool loading on the PS machines is easily facilitated from either an exterior loading station or directly into the spindle. Both machines feature a standard 30-tool capacity ATC magazine, which can be upgraded to an optional 60-tool capacity magazine. Each configuration provides fast and smooth tool changing to support high-speed machining applications. To push productivity even further, the machines are configured with a dual-speed tool change system that recognizes lighter tools and will speed up the tool exchange cycle.
Created with the production environment in mind, the PS-Series chip and coolant management systems help to enhance productivity. Configured with steep internal side slopes, coolant flush on the tele-covers, spiral chip conveyors and nozzle and flush coolant as standard features, chips are efficiently and effectively removed from the cutting zone.

The machine table moves toward the operator to minimize reach to the table and is designed at a comfortable height for operators to readily access the spindle and workzone. Additionally, the “L-shaped” operator access doors provide open ceiling accessibility to facilitate easy handling of large, heavy workpieces and fixtures that require an overhead crane.

Optional capabilities may include 4th axis tables, tool length measurement, spindle probe, light curtain, auto doors, robot loading and a variety of other features commonly applied to automated machining processes. An optional interface for hydraulic fixtures and rotary work heads can be added to the machines, accommodating a variety of hydraulic ports, pneumatic ports and coolant ports facilitating adding automation features to the machine.