Waterproof digital calipers

Waterproof digital calipers

February 16, 2016



Providence, Rhode Island – MarCal 16 EWR waterproof digital calipers feature an ergonomic design with lapped guideways and larger display. It offers IP 67 protection against dust, coolants, and lubricants, 3-year battery life, and a zero-reference system which automatically stores the zero position for further measurements.

The ergonomic design features a non-slip thumb support for trouble-free handling and reliable results even in contaminated working conditions. A large high-contrast display with 11mm digits enables accurate reading.

Lapped guideway surfaces guarantee an even and sensitive run of the slide and increase the service life of the caliper.

After setting, the zero remains stored for all further measurements, eliminating the need to reset zero every time the caliper is switched on. The reference system is also extremely energy efficient. When the caliper is in standby mode and integrated wireless is deactivated, almost no power is required.

Source: Mahr Federal Inc.