M800 EDM control

M800 EDM control

November 1, 2017

MC Machinery Systems Inc (Mitsubishi/EDM)

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MC Machinery Systems Inc., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corp., developed the M800 EDM control, now included in Mitsubishi wire EDM machines to increase productivity and help keep track of production jobs. 

The M800 series control uses rotational and tilting functionality, while providing job monitoring and important information in a single view. The 19" touchscreen enables the user to swipe, pinch, and tap to view, making it an easier interface to interact with than previous models.

In line with Industry 4.0 requirements, the processable data available with this control ensures transparency in all production stages. The new navigation interface provides smooth and easy job operation time for all operator expertise levels, allowing production jobs to be completed quickly and accurately.

The M800 control enables the user to analyze machine profitability and see reserves to optimize processes and boost efficiency. Diagrams are available to depict operating costs and output, and all operating material statuses and maintenance cycles can be called up at a touch.