Gear hobbing machine

Gear hobbing machine

October 10, 2017

Machining Tooling/Cutting

The compact LC 280 a gear hobbing machine, introduced at EMO 2017, provides Liebherr quality with maximum flexibility, economy of operation, and short delivery times of 3 to 4 months.

The machine base was designed with a very steep bed, which prevents a deposit of chips. In addition, an optional complete stainless steel housing was integrated, which reduces the thermal influence of the hot dry chips on the machine bed.

The hob head was also redesigned for increased flexibility and productivity.

As a result of these improvements, tool life is increased with the use of longer tools. Through the use of indexable carbide insert cutters, the process time for certain applications can be reduced up to 30% and the tool costs per workpiece can also be lowered. As a result, the unit costs can be reduced significantly.

Also, the Liebherr ringloader system was further optimized. Now, workpieces up to a maximum of 15kg can be automatically loaded and unloaded very quickly. This internal automation concept is as fast as a double-table machine and is characterized by high flexibility and efficiency. Setup and maintenance costs can be dramatically reduced.   

With the new touch user interface, LH Geartec, operators can control the machine quickly and easily. It can be individually configured and supports the user with simple user guidance, which detects and eliminates faults and offers suggested values. It guides the user through the program step by step for process and retooling cycles.