Linear actuator

Linear actuator

March 5, 2018

Kinitics Automation Limited
Motion control

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada – Kinitics Automation KLA05 linear actuator is a shape memory alloy-based actuator that uses proprietary Bundled Wire technology to deliver high force and actuation speed in a small package. The first product in the company's line of high-force, short-throw linear actuators, the KLA05 is the first commercially available linear actuator using shape memory alloy for precise linear motion without the use of motors, requiring only electrical power to operate. This allows users to upgrade and improve existing systems, while also enabling the automation and control of processes that were previously unfeasible using conventional equipment.

The Kinitics KLA05 linear actuator provides forces up to 650 N (146 lb-f) and strokes up to 6.7 mm (0.264"), can be easily configured to supply a pushing or pulling force, and fits in a variety of applications. Due to its use of shape memory alloy and Kinitics’ Bundled Wire technology, the KLA05 linear actuator offers a number of features and benefits that distinguish it from other types of actuators:

  • Positional accuracy of ±5µm
  • Requires minimal infrastructure to operate
  • Has only one moving part, no backlash

The KLA05 linear actuator is available with a variety of accessories including rod-end attachments, a range of mounting brackets, and an adjustable home position switch. Potential applications for the Kinitics Automation KLA05 linear actuator include gripping, pressing, punching, and positioning.

Also introduced with the KLA05 linear actuator is the Kinitics KCA020 controller that allows the actuator to be used in anything from the simplest to the most elaborate of control strategies. The Kinitics KCA020 controller uses single-phase 120VAC 60Hz power and interfaces with standard control hardware using discrete I/O. A 4mA to 20mA input is provided for complex control using position and/or force feedback strategies.