Robot guidance, inline-measurement sensor

Robot guidance, inline-measurement sensor

July 6, 2017

Automation Quality/Metrology

Tailored software allows a sensor to provide 3D robot guidance and 3D inline measurement. Using various measurement methods and point cloud technology, the system delivers reliable results and short cycle times.

Combining stereometry, triangulation, and phase-shift lighting allows the Area Profile Scanner 3D (APS3D) uses two cameras to precisely calculate the surfaces of a three-dimensional object. The sensor uses random pattern or phase-shift lighting to speed scanning time or lower robotic cycle times.

Object capturing and quality control work on the fly with moving objects. Applications include checking a plane surface for bulges and bumps, controlling the diameter of holes, or capturing a free form surface in three dimensions.

Point cloud data can be exported for CAD data matching. An on-board PC allows users to export STL data. Three-dimensional characteristics are noticed, and working tasks can be realized without measurement.

Automated meshing, where the individual 3D data points are connected to one another in a triangular shape to form a network, allows the sensor to digitally picture a surface. This produces a cohesive model, which can be forwarded to a 3D printer.

The sensor can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, integrated into the production line, or mounted on a robot, and is compatible to all common Ethernet and fieldbus interfaces.