Turret punch press

Turret punch press

December 6, 2017

IFH Group

3D/Additive/Alternative Tooling/Cutting

The IFH Group West installed an integrated Prima LPe6f 4,000W fiber laser featuring a 30-ton punch, reducing project setup times.

The Prima LPe6f is a 61-station, 30-ton servo-electric turret punch press with a 4,000W IPG fiber laser. The system can process a 60”x120” sheet of material, up to 0.315” thick. The turret features an up-forming station for processing high formed features, and can cut 16ga. (0.0598” thick) mild steel at approx. 590” per minute. The servo-electric punch press can stroke 1,000 times per minute.

Connected to the Prima LPe6f is a loading and stacking robot (LSR) that retrieves and stacks parts on a pallet, and loads new sheets into the machine for processing. Attached to the LSR is a two-sided combo tower that holds raw sheet metal, parts, and material skeletons, currently outfitted with 21 shelves, each having a capacity of 6,600 Ibs or 100mm (3.937”) of material.