Bevel torque, bevel maximum torque gear boxes

Bevel torque, bevel maximum torque gear boxes

September 11, 2017

Exsys Tool Inc.
Design Components Gears

San Antonio, Florida – Eppinger supplier, Exsys Tool offers a line of high-quality Eppinger spiral bevel gearboxes. Eppinger’s BT (bevel torque) and BM (bevel maximum torque) compact spiral bevel gears deliver high torque and maximum efficiency for gear applications that require extreme reliability and variability at speeds over 1,000rpm, as is the case for vehicle differentials.

Each of these bevel gearbox types offers minimized tooth clearance and optimal transmission properties via precision axes and bearing seats combined with Gleason bevel gears that can withstand high loads.

The single-component steel housings for these bevel gearboxes feature mounting threads on all sides to ensure stable attachment in a variety of installation positions. The heavy-duty bevel gears inside these housings offer high-transmission precision and reduced stress on the bearings. A friction-locked, zero backlash connection of the crown gears on the drive shaft reduces the mass of the gearing component.

BT and BM gearboxes come in solid or hollow shafts in standard and custom designs. BT-type models are available in seven sizes with a transmission ratio of i = 1:1 to 5:1, while BM-type models are available in five sizes with a ratio of i = 1:1.