SMC glass bubbles

SMC glass bubbles

May 9, 2018


3M Glass Bubbles S32HS used in sheet molded composites (SMCs) help OEMs achieve up to a 40% weight reduction of composite parts, at a density less than 1g/cc, while still enabling a Class A paintable finish. This innovation makes SMCs an attractive option in automotive design for OEMs.

By replacing conventional fillers, hollow glass microspheres can reduce the weight of molded parts without sacrificing strength or aesthetics. 3M has been able to break the density barrier, making ultra lightweight SMCs more competitive to steel and aluminum, opening up new possibilities for the material mix in automotive applications.

A density of 1g/cc or lower has long been a goal, while still enabling a Class A finish.

3M glass bubbles are an established lightweighting technology used in enabling lightweight sealants, injection molded parts, and SMCs.

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