27 more GM facilities certified landfill-free

27 more GM facilities certified landfill-free

Automaker says 142 GM facilities in North and South America are now landfill-free operations.

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Detroit, Michigan – General Motors (GM) has added 27 facilities to its massive slate of zero-waste campuses, bringing the total number of landfill-free GM operations to 142.

All of the automaker’s manufacturing plants in Canada, Mexico, and South America now recycle, reuse, or convert to energy all waste from daily operations.

“We aspire to be a zero waste company with all manufacturing plants achieving landfill-free status,” says Dane Parker, GM’s vice president of sustainable workplaces. “That zero mindset is driven by our local teams and their efforts to find innovative and sustainable solutions that improve the communities where we live and work.”

From repurposing old concrete for use in new walkways at the company’s sites to cleaning instead of disposing of oil-soaked cloths used in the paint processes, teams in South America have found creative, simple solutions to reduce waste.

For instance, General Motor’s São Caetano do Sul plant in Brazil lines waste cans throughout the facility with plastic bags originally used by a local supplier for parts shipment. The project avoids sending nearly 8,000 plastic bags to landfill each year.