ANSYS supports Ferrari endurance racing wins

ANSYS supports Ferrari endurance racing wins

Software engineering simulation company has been working with motorsports powerhouse for 20 years.

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Software engineering simulation provider ANSYS congratulated its customer Ferrari for winning the Manufacturers' and Drivers' World Championship titles and the Team's Trophy in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC).

Securing its fifth WEC constructor's title and 24th overall, Ferrari uses ANSYS computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions to maintain endurance-oriented aerodynamic performance. With ANSYS, the engineers can maximize downforce, minimize tire degradation and optimize airflow around the car to keep critical components within the ideal temperature operating ranges — essential elements for outpacing competitors.

"With race times lasting anywhere from 6 to 24 hours, speed and reliability are critical factors for cars competing in the WEC to achieve success and see the checkered flag," said Ferdinando Cannizzo, Ferrari Competizioni GT technical coordinator. "ANSYS enables our team to quickly test multiple configurations between each lap and provides accurate insight – empowering our team to improve our speed and reliability in real time."

"Our team has worked with Ferrari for more than 20 years and we continue to be inspired by their drive for innovation and excellence," said Sandeep Sovani, director, industry marketing at ANSYS. "ANSYS simulation technology combined with Ferrari's world-class products and drivers create an unstoppable force on the track, we look forward to many more trips around the track together."

Editor’s note: Monday’s article listing November sales totals from most major automakers has been updated. A reporting problem within Nissan’s system failed last week, so full sales numbers were not available. With Nissan’s numbers now listed, November was even stronger than initially reported, and Nissan took the No. 5 slot for sales, surpassing Honda.