Domino's Pizza to launch Chevy Spark-based delivery car

Domino's Pizza to launch Chevy Spark-based delivery car

Tiny DXP has warming ovens, can hold 80 pizzas for delivery.

October 26, 2015
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Ann Arbor, Michigan – In its latest innovation as the recognized world leader in pizza delivery, Domino's is launching the Domino's DXP (delivery expert), a specially designed and built pizza delivery vehicle.

The DXP is the combined brainchild of former General Motors R&D executive Kenneth R. Baker, Michigan-based Roush Enterprises, and Domino's. To also include consumers' input, hundreds of concepts were initially identified in an online crowdsourcing design competition hosted by Local Motors.

"The Domino's DXP is the first purpose-built vehicle aimed at revolutionizing pizza delivery," says Russell Weiner, president of Domino's USA. "This innovation allows drivers to do their jobs with greater ease and efficiency, and demonstrates that Domino's is absolutely fanatical about making perfect deliveries."

The Domino's DXP also represents a collaboration among three Michigan brands: Domino's, Roush, and General Motors.

The design and production of the Domino's DXP took more than three years. It was born out of Domino's passion for innovation and started with a five-stage crowdsourcing competition hosted by Local Motors, on the company's open innovation platform called Open IO. The contest, called the Domino's Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Challenge, fielded 385 entries from designers around the world.

Then, Roush and Baker adapted the concept and worked closely with Domino's to transform the Chevrolet Spark into a delivery vehicle for pizza.

Domino's is working with Roush Enterprises to convert and deliver 100 DXPs to 25 markets across the U.S., including major rollouts in Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, San Diego, and Seattle over the next 90 days.

Domino's has contracted with Chevrolet dealers in the cities where DXP vehicles are being launched to deal with the nuances of the DXP, from ovens to accessories. These dealers will also partner with franchisees to hold local launch events to introduce the DXP in select markets.

In the U.S., Domino's delivers about 400 million pizzas a year and delivery drivers cover roughly 10 million miles each week – equivalent to 21 round trips to the moon.

DXP features

  • Illuminated warming oven located behind the driver's door and storage areas are designed for easy loading and unloading of pizzas and other menu items. The warming oven can hold two Heatwave bags and is quickly accessible to drivers with the touch of a key fob.
  • DXP interior includes front and rear storage areas and features a non-slip, easy-to-clean surface to stabilize items during delivery. The car has been reconfigured with all but the driver's seat removed, allowing the DXP to hold large orders. The DXP has the capacity to accommodate up to 80 pizzas.
  • DXP comes equipped with a puddle light projecting the Domino's logo on the ground. The front fascia displays the Domino's logo, and the side panel displays the reflective graphic of the Domino's brand. Other details include hubcaps with the Domino's logo and the recognizable illuminated Domino's car topper.

"Even though Domino's deliveries will still primarily be made in the personal cars of delivery drivers," says Weiner, "the Domino's DXP represents an innovative leap into the 21st century and takes delivery to a new level of efficiency and quality."

Source: Domino's Pizza